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Plastic Engineering is recognized by its customers as the leading source of parts for every environment in the semiconductor and electronic industries. We machine and fabricate custom-designed parts for ETCH, lithography, CMP, final test, wafer handling, R&D, along with thousands of other parts. Plastic Engineering conducts business with the top manufacturers of OEM equipment for semiconductor and electronic production. We help support these companies by machining and fabricating top-quality parts like wet bench assemblies, chemical delivery systems, polypro carts and cabinetry, sockets, and nests. With over 20 years experience within these industries, Plastic Engineering uses the most advanced plastics available.


Plastic Engineering has industry tested experience in the machining of high-performance thermoplastic material for the medical plastic parts & equipment and diagnostics industry. Our knowledgeable sales and engineering staff understand the specialized needs of the medical industry and will help you find the right plastic for the right job. Plastic Engineering’s unique annealing and machining processes reduce the stress in your parts to achieve higher chemical resistivity and increased stability after undergoing repeated autoclaving and sterilization cycles. Cleanliness, repeatability, and high precision… demanding applications require demanding materials and we provide them all.

Point of Purchase Displays

There’s a critical difference between products that sell and products that fail. That difference is point-of-purchase advertising. Effective POP displays can dramatically increase a product’s perceived value. And because more than half of all purchasing decisions are made in the store, POP displays are more than just sales tools. They’re sale closers. There’s no one who understands custom displays better than we do. Our customers know they can come to us with a napkin sketch or a detailed design, and walk away with a custom-designed POP display that meets their exact needs. We offer worry-free service that includes everything from design and molding to assembly and fulfillment. Our extensive experience with custom materials means you get the design for your needs. Our silk screening and decoration processes can ensure high visibility, and our design staff works with you to create a truly innovative POP showcase for your products. When it comes to custom displays, there’s virtually nothing Plastic Engineering cannot do for you.


Plastic Engineering, Inc. produces highly engineered components for aerospace and defense, with performance built into every item we manufacture.

We own and maintain some of the most sophisticated machining, programming, and inspection systems available. Our formalized training assures that the most innovative and efficient techniques are mastered, implemented, and maintained to the standards that our customers demand and expect.