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The Olayer professional high speed hair dryer is the best option for individuals looking for a good quality hair dryer at an affordable price. This hair dryer has been designed keeping in mind the comfort and ease of use of the user. You no longer need to be an expert in order to make the most out of a hair dryer thanks to this product. The OlayerPRO Hair Dryer 1300W is a product in the Olayer hair dryer series and is perhaps one of the best of the lot both in terms of looks and performance.

OlayerPRO Hihg speed Hair Dryer Features

The OlayerPRO High speed Hair Dryer is one of the best dryers to have ever been launched in the market. The major reason behind this is the list of features it has to offer to its users. Listed below are some of the key features that this product has to offer:

·        A ceramic heater

This product comes with a ceramic heater that provides shine and moisture to your hair, at the same time it ensures that the quality of your hair is preserved.

·        Brushless motor

This hair dryer comes with an extremely powerful motor. It is powered by a 110,000 rpm brushless motor that is something you would seldom find in a hair dryer at this price range. This motor ensures smooth flow of air. This brusless motor is a quite speed motor, thus, it won’t be causing much of an irritation to your ears while it is being used.

·         Air Vent

It also has a removable hair vent that makes cleaning a lot easier as compared to the non-removable ones.

·         Ergonomic Design

Such a design enhances the products ease of use. In addition to this, it also provides a sleek, elegant and classy look.

·        Light weight

This product is an extremely light as far as its weight is concerned which in turn makes the Olayer professional high speed hair dryer a lot more user friendly.

·        Far Infrared

This product is often consider to be the best Olayer professional high speed hair dryer. One of the major reasons behind this being the fact that this product makes use of far infrared rays so as to dry the hair of an individual from the inside.

·         Power Chord

The Olayer professional high speed hair dryer ( indigo ) comes with an 8 ft. long power chord. This again makes the product a lot more user friendly.

·         Accessories

The entire package also consists of a set of nozzle and diffuser attachments.

·        Diffusion

Diffusion is another key feature of this product. It helps diffuse water into your hair and thus, adds an extra bit of moisture to it.

·        Warranty

The manufacture provides a warranty of a year along with this product. However, you need not be concerned about that as the OlayerPRO High speed Hair Dryer is an extremely durable product.

For more Olayer hair care product, all you need to do is visit to Olayer products official website. The are other Olayer professional high speed hair dryers available in the market, you might as well take a look!