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Upon hearing the name BaByliss you know that you’re dealing with a quality hair dryers manufacturer available today. And one of the best qualities of these dryers is their price. They are way lower priced than many other brands that have lower quality standards.

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When you want to buy your BaByliss hair dryer you are presented with quite a few great choices. so how do you know which one to go for? Here are a few examples of BaByliss hair dryers that are very popular with everyone today.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium

This is quite an advanced hair dryer existing on the market these days, featuring a high-torque AC1900 watt professional motor. As nano titanium is very resistant to chemical corrosion, this is a great heat conductor which is also strong as steel but very light, making it a perfect choice for a professional hair dryer. It has a casis made of Ryton which has the property of withstanding high temperatures.

BaByliss Termal Ionic

Attached to this hair dryer is a very strong motor that you can get on the market. It has 2000 watts. Featuring ion technology means that negative ions will help eliminate frizz and give your hair additional body and strength. With 6 heat speeds and settings you will never run out of different ways to blow dry your hair. It has a cool shot button and a 10 foot power cord. As all the other hair dryers, this also comes with a concentrator nozzle.

BaByliss PRO Carrera 2 Ceramic Ionic

This model is known as the first world’s 8 port ionic hair dryer with ceramic technology. It is very compact in size yet has a 1900 watt motor making it extremely powerful. It is a professional hair dryer with 6 heat and speed settings which make it a full 8 combination settings. It is a very lightweight blow dryer and it has 50% more power than other regular dryers.

BaByliss PRO TT Tourmaline

This hair dryer uses both tourmaline and ionic ceramic technology making it a perfect choice for those who want real professionalism in getting their hair dried and looking great. With a powerful 1900+ watt motor that is housed in a sleek casing design, it’s very strong and superior looking. It has 6 heat and speed settings and an ultra slim concentrator nozzle.

BaByliss PRO BAB2000

Again a professional hair dryer which is only slightly heavier than other ones. However it’s price is great and it’s even cheaper than regular hair dryers. For only $10 or so additionally you get a professional piece that will last you that much longer. It is a quiet gadget even though extremely powerful. The buttons are slide type and not toggle so you don’t change it my mistake. With a ceramic technology that generates far infrared heat it dries your hair gently from inside out while at the same time retaining your hair’s luster.

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