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In this age girls are very concerned with their beauty. Every woman loves to be praised with their beauty and wants to look more beautiful in the fashionable way. Hair is the most important part of a girl’s beauty. Everyone got their own hair style by born. But by giving a different style to hair one may look more attractive. There are so many hair styles that can make anyone gorgeous easily. One of those styles is straight or rebonded hair. The techniques of making hair straight are Hair smoothing , Hair styling tools flat irons, Hair rebonding. These techniques are nearly same, but there remains a little bit differences among these three processes. Before taking any process for straightening hair one should know about these all. So that she can make perfect choice for her hair to make straight.

Hair Smoothing:

Hair smoothing is a hair care solution to make hair straight, smooth and silky. It makes the hair more smoother and silkier, but the speciality is that it helps to keep the natural hair type. If anyone has found her hair dull with split ends and feels uncomfortable and also wants to improve the hair quality keeping the natural type then she should try hair smoothing. Because this technique makes the hair more manageable with silky and shiny look keeping the natural hair quality. It can be considered as an alignment technique.

Hair straightening:

Hair straightening is also a hair care solution of making hair straight. It makes hair straight for a certain period of time like five or six months. In this technique the original hair bond is broken down and hairis reset in straight form. It also makes the hair more manageable and adorable.

Hair Rebonding:

Hair straightening and rebonding are nearly same. It can be said that rebonding is a type of straightening which has a long lasting effect. It can also be called as permanent straightening. This keeps hair straight for a long time (nearly more than one year).

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Though these three procedures do the same task, there remains some differences between them. If anyone wants to make hair straight , then she should know the differences to make the right choice. Here the differences are discussed briefly considering the basic perspectives.

  • Hair smoothing or straightening or rebonding will give straight look to your hair. Smoothing and rebonding will give more natural look than hair straightening.
  • These three procedures will give you straight, silky and shiny hair. Smoothing technique will do it for a short duration like hair straightening(nearly 4-6 months). After a short time it will go back to its own type. Hair straightening will keep your hair straight for 5 to 6 months. And hair rebonding will give you a long lasting hair style. In this way hair will remain straight for nearly more than 1 year.[this style depends on your hair growth, when your new hair will grow out, it will be of your own natural hair type. So you will have to be in regular touch up. ]
  • All of these three techniques need some straightening solutions. Some hair relaxant chemicals are applied to hair. Different types of chemicals are used in different quantity in each technique. Also hair ironing is needed. Hair straightening technique uses less solutions and heat than hair rebonding. Hair rebonding needs to apply extensive heat to make the hair permanently straight.
  • If you apply any of these technique to your hair then you should be more careful. All techniques have a little bad effects on hair. Hair straightening causes more harm to hair than hair smoothing and hair rebonding. Since hair rebonding gives a permanent straight hair by using strong chemicals and heavy hair ironing, it has very less damage to hair. Straightened hair needs more love and care. If you apply the hair straightening technique then you should take care of it regularly with proper maintenance and hair needs ironing per 3 to 6 months. If rebonding is applied then there is not much headache of maintenance.
  • The techniques straightening hair can be done in home, but they are time consuming and very technical. Now every salon allows these solutions. The cost of straightening hair varies from salon to salon. It also depends on hair length. The cost increases with the length and curve. Among these three techniques hair rebonding is the most expensive one.

If anyone wants to look beautiful with neat straight hair, then she can pick any technique of these three. But if anyone wants healthy straight hair keeping the previous hair quality, then she should pick hair smoothing. If anyone desires for permanent straight hair without any botheration then she will pick hair rebonding. If anyone wants straight hair and ready for taking proper care of hair, then why not hair straightening!!! I hope this feature will help you to make the right choice. Stay stylish and be confident with the fashionabless style.