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Incorporated in 1996, Kube tech recognized an opportunity within the toy and custom molding industry in realizing the benefits of dual sourcing products in both Mexico and the Orient. Why? Economics, bottom line analysis clearly show the advantages of larger and middle cubed items produced in Mexico. Expenses such as freight, communication, and travel are decreased but the most significant advantage is the quicker reaction time to the United States retail market. China’s historical advantages such as labor rates and a time tested infrastructure from a century of manufacturing plastic parts still holds true. These options can fill a much needed void for companies looking for an edge without expending the time and money to source manufacturers in China and Mexico.

BPI was primarily founded to help small to medium size companies compete with the larger manufacturers who have dedicated factories and departmental infrastructure necessary for product development. BPI levels the playing field by doing all the leg work in sourcing material and choosing the facilities that reduce costs while improving bottom line profitability. The solution to our success is showing how we can save your company time and money. Immediate results are lowering your personal requirements for sourcing suppliers and locations to manufacture your plastic products. Our goal is to assist in better utilizing those individuals to develop and sell your proprietary line of product. BPI is a professionally run company that utilizes 10 years of experience in the Orient and Mexico to select the best sources and locations for your company’s manufacturing needs.